Rajawathi Gurumaniyo රාජවතී ගුරුමෑණියෝ kello hukana katha kello hukanawa



Obata Wasanawan 10th July 2019

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This Programs Name Obata Wasanawan

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This Programs Episode

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This Programs BrodcastingSirasa TV TV Channel Obata Wasanawan Cast

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This Programs Language Sinhala

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This Programs Posted By Obata Wasanawan | 10/07/2019 | 10 07 2019 | 10,07,2019 | 10th July 2019 | 2019.07.10 | 2019-07-10 | 10-07-2019

Obata Wasanawanis a Sinhalese Sri Lankan television prime-time soap opera teledrama on the Sirasa TV network. Developed and directed by and written by .

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Obata is aging like a fine, red wine. We have rich perspectives, and we only get better with age… We have been bringing our passion for marketing and design to the St. Louis area for over 70 years.


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Obata-Ôi - Samurai

Obata Nobusada Takeda retainer 1540-1592 Nobusada joined the Takeda around 1560 after fleeing his lands in Kôzuke Province. He had his old fief restored to him by Shingen the following year and proved to be one of Shingen's most dependable generals and almost certainly the most significant of Shingen's Kôzuke men.

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"On September 6, 2006, Obata was arrested for illegal possession of an 8.6 cm knife when he was pulled over in Musashino, Tokyo for driving with his car's headlights off at 12:30am." Heh. Report

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Chiura Obata (1885-1975) was a renowned painter and educator who led art schools in camp. Artist and Art Instructor. Born Zoroku Obata in Okayama, Japan, in 1885, Obata grew up in Sendai. There he was raised by the artist Rokuichi Obata, who according to different accounts may have been his father or a much older brother, and who either trained ...

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Takeshi Obata is a Japanese manga artist that usually works as the illustrator in collaboration with a writer. He first gained international attention for Hikaru no Go with Yumi Hotta, but is better known for Death Note and Bakuman with Tsugumi Ohba. Obata has mentored several well-known manga artists, including Nobuhiro Watsuki of Rurouni Kenshin fame, Black Cat creator Kentaro Yabuki, and Eyeshield 21 artist Yusuke Murata.

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Chiura Obata (小圃 千浦, Obata Chiura, November 18, 1885 – October 6, 1975) was a well-known Japanese-American artist and popular art teacher.

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